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Stay tuned for our New Specials in 2018!!!  In the meantime...

The latest issue of Ashford Wheel is now available, with many interesting articles, patterns and projects, it's great reading - please ask for a COMPLIMENTRAY COPY with your next order!


Summer is the perfect season for creating fabrics using the lovely cotton and linen yarns we have in stock. The cottons weave into very popular tea-towels, Nialin knits or weaves into cool summer tops and the linen is perfect for woven table mats. Our new mercerized cottons 5/2 or 10/2 which are available in twenty beautiful shades are also great for knitted or crochet garments. More information and details on our summer yarns is listed below, so check them out and plan some creative holiday projects! 


Mercerised cotton 10/2 briliant colours 200g/1696m $28.50
Cotton 8/2 65 shades 250g/1625m $35.50
Nialin 22/2 cotton/linen 250g/1650m $38.50
Mercerised cotton 5/2 20 colours 200g/848m $28.50
Cotton 16/2 65 colours 250g/3240m $35.50
Linen 16/2 60 shades 125g/670m $22.50
Cotton chenille cream only 100g skein $7.50
Colcolastic Special discontinued! 50g/725m $10.50
Linen 16/1 black/white 125g/1400m $22.50
Linen 16/1 unbleached 250g/2514m $35
Strangarn cotton for rep weaving 250g/125m $18.50
Silk yarn 20/2 natural cream 100g/1000m $24.50
Dyed silk 20/2 20 multi colours 100g/1000m $38.50
Silk noils 10/1 natural textured 130g skein $17.50
Alpaca/silk 28/2 8 colours 100g/1400m $24.50