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Winter Inspiration 

As so often this winter was a time for beautiful and inspirational craft.  Enjoy some of the amazing inspiration from our contributors.

Marie Lawson

Handwoven 20/2 Silk in Blue Wren Tartan

Beverley McCuaig

Tapestry woven cushions with cotton warp

Marie and Fred Lawson

New Koala Tartan woven with Mora 2 ply wool.

Noel Nichols

Tasmanian tulip fields tapestry woven in 3 ply wool dyed with Landscape dye

Jenny Booth

Handwoven ponchettes in 8/2 cotton

Mayflower Felters

Hand felted Merino wall hanging

Christine Sloan

A family of felted boots in Corriedale wool

Maureen McCutcheon

Deflected double weave shawl

Eleanor Lyons

Tapestry Weaving in 8/2 Cottons

Helen Halpin

Woven Wrap in dyed 202 Silk (Sunset) and 82 cotton

Jenny Booth

Lovely scarves woven with hand-dyed silks and alpaca

Judy Rowe

Weave-it loom child's poncho in 8 ply wool

The Mayflower Felters

Items created by residents of our local retirement village

Monique Van Nieuwland

Woven wall-hanging with unbleached Nialin warp

Meaghan Bamber

Interlocking twill wrap using wool and mercerized cotton

Lindy Brown

Summer & Winter sampler woven

Janine Coddington

Spotted scarves using natural Australian merino

Jenny Booth

Handwoven scarf using 'Peacock dyed 202 silk

Christine Sloan

Weave-it Loom baby rug

Christine Sloan

A trio of knitted socks all from 1 ball of Opal wool!

Irene Winsloe

Handspun Australian merino scarves woven on a knitters loom

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