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We are all looking forward to a more normal lifestyle after another devastating year,
and catching up with family and friends at last. It’s amazing how our priorities have
changed during the past two years, we have had so much time to reflect on what is
important to our health and happiness.


This newsletter is focusing on our cotton and linen yarns for weaving or knitting of
cool garments and attractive Christmas gifts. So check out the Specials page and plan
your summer projects with lovely yarns at bargain prices. Don’t forget that we also
have Gift Vouchers available for your textile friends to select their own gifts!


During February we are offering a 10% discount on all orders for Ashford cottons,
the vibrant colours available make these yarns perfect for cool summer fabrics. The
Ashford yoga yarn is a lightweight cotton which drapes beautifully and can be
combined with either the 10/2 or 5/2 mercerised cottons or with the attractive
textured caterpillar cotton for a fun project. Check out the sample card section of
the website to see the available colours.
All other summer yarns are also on sale and include the 8/2 or 16/2 Cottons which
are very popular for tea-towels, the Nialin 22/2 can be knitted or woven into cool
summer tops and the lovely Linen 16/2 is perfect for placemats or table-wear.

News Flash!

Three new wool yarns are now in stock, Merino 4 ply or 8 ply as well as a Merino
looped boucle
for a textured fabric. These yarns are well twisted but very soft, and
only available in natural cream 100g skeins which would be a perfect for dyeing.
Priced $16.50 or $18.50 these lovely yarns are a great addition to our wool range.


Wishing you all an enjoyable and happy Festive Season and a peaceful New Year.
Our office will be closed from December 23 to January 10 for our annual holidays.

Take care and stay safe, Christine


Caterpillar textured cotton variegated colours $35.50 - 250g
Cotton warp yarn 12/15 bargain priced $30.50 - 500g
10/2 Cotton – shade deleted dazzling blue $15.50 - 200g
Nialin 22/2 (cotton/linen) all reduced $35.50 - 250g
Chenille cotton – cream special price $6.50 - 100g
Cotton 8/2 - dyed all shades $33.50 - 250g
Yoga cotton (core spun) 18 colours $25.50 - 200g
10/2 Cotton – mercerised bargain price $25.50 - 200g
Linen 16/2 – dyed 60 shades $21.50 - 125g
5/2 mercerised cotton reduced $25.50 - 200g
Cotton 16/2 – dyed 65 colours $33.50 - 250g
Silk yarn 20/2 natural cream $22.50 - 100g
Alpaca/silk yarn 2/28 peacock or jade $20.00 - 100g
Silk noils yarn 10/1 natural textured $15.00 - 130g
60/2 Silk yarn - natural special price $20.50 - 100g
Special cottons reduced half price oddments from $18.50
Landscape dyes – reduced all 80 colours $10 per 100g


Don’t forget that we are always happy to assist our customers with their projects as our team are all very experienced textile craftspeople, just give us a call or email with your queries.

Textile Tips!

A new feature in our newsletters will be simple hints and ideas from
customers regarding spinning, weaving, knitting or felting techniques,
so please email us if you have any great tips to share.

  •  When picking up stitches for bands or neck openings use a crochet hook and extra yarn, collect several stitches onto the hook and then knit them from the back of the hook onto the needle, simple and no holes!

  •  Cotton and linen yarns are also very suitable for tapestry weaving instead of wool, the colour range is huge and the stronger yarns create a firmer tapestry with a slight sheen.

  •  Remember to advance your warp regularly when weaving, as the shed becomes larger close to the beater which can cause distortion of the selvages.